Laser Hair Removal

With the gold standard of the industry: the Light Sheer Diode.
Laser Treatment


Pay as you go!

At Spa Saphir, we want to create a stress free environment where you can get amazing services. This is why we offer a pay as you go system with Laser Hair Removal, as opposed to the popular method of "packages". Please send us a message, or call us at (450)218-4008 for more information on our prices!


Light Sheer Diode

The gold standard of the industry.

The Light Sheer Diode has been the gold standard in the hair removal world now for years. Using a diode crystal, we are able to target nearly all hair types, hair colours and skin types! Message us or call us at (450)218-4008 to book your FREE consultation today!


Get a discount when combining multiple areas! Ask your laser technician for more information